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20APR2021 Rainfall for April MTD is 0.02 inches. Extremely dry conditions have prompted the NWS WFO in Columbia, S.C. to issue FIRE WARNING Statements in the CSRA.

22APR2021 A wildfire has started 1/4 statute mile East of this station on Trolley Line Road this morning. Visibility was reduced to less than 1/4 statute mile at this station. The fire department thought it was under control, but has restarted later this evening. The PURPLE AIR sensor readings were between 400 to 550 in the 'HAZARDOUS" range.

24APR2021 A extra-tropical low pressure storm system propagated from the the Eastern Slope of the Rockies, into the Great Plains, Southern Mississippi River Valley Northeastward through the Mid-Atlantic States bringing heavy rain showers and thunderstorms to the CSRA Region today. 1.32 inches of rainfall accumulated in a 24 hour period. Very much needed! MTD rainfall = 1.34 inches which is -1.93 inches below normal.

26APR2021 Check out the Webcam Daily Timelapse Images webpage and the WINDY.COM webcam under "WEBCAMS"!

01MAY2021 Installed US EPA Air Quality Flag Program. Local conditions becoming mildly dry due to lack of accumulated rainfall. April rainfall = 1.34 inches which is 1.93 inches below normal. Soil moisture is now in "IRRIGATION NEEDED" range.

15MAY2021 An interesting month, to say the least! A blocking High Pressure System parked over the Carolinas for the last two weeks of May. This station has recorded 18 consecutive days of no measurable precipitation. Installed WEATHER-DISPLAY as the weather station hardware. Still working out the "kinks". WXSIM has been installed for more accurate local forecasts. Still working out the "kinks" as well. STAY-TUNED!

07JUN2021 A thunderstorm complex propagated over the CSRA Region today with heavy rainfall and occasional cloud-to-ground and inner-cloud lightning. Rainfall accumulation totaled 3.59 inches (electronically measured) and 2.99 inches (NWS 8-inch Non-Recording gauge).

07JUL2021 The month of June was complicated. Trying to configure CumulusMX and have really struggled with configuration and operating system issues. Due to June monthly rainfall being +1.44 inches above normal, local conditions have become MILDLY WET. On 06JUL2021, the 2014 Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Plus temperature and humidity sensor was replaced. The Vantage Pro 2 Console Firmware was also updated to Version 3.88. Currently, Tropical Storm Elsa is moving North in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and has gained strength to almost Cat 1 Hurricane status. I will update after the storm propagates through the CSRA Region.

18JUL2021 Tropical Depression Elsa storm total rainfall = 0.87 inches. The CSRA Region remained West of most rainfall accumulations which occurred North and East of the storm center.

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